I can remember the exact day when my love of writing started, not the date, but the day. I was in primary 3 at school (age 7), and our teacher was checking over our Monday morning diary updates.  She expressed deep frustration at how little we were all writing, and encouraged us all to write more.  And so my school writing went from sentences to pages. I'm not sure how frustrated my teachers got with the length of my fiction assessments, but I know it annoyed several classmates!


But as you grow up first loves get forgotten and the creative writing gave way to the serious writing of exams and university study; followed by the world of the 9-5, the mortgage and the family.  Until connecting with family friend Byron Easterling and his mantra of Dream Big Dream Often, caused me to dig deep in search of the dreams of childhood and that love of writing.


Dreams are often forgotten or overlooked - but they are still there.  So as Byron says 'Dream Big Dream Often'.