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Welcome to my first ever blog! Over the next few blogs I'm going to be providing a bit of background to my writing and a bit of insight into what I'm working on.

Stories From The Everyday Like many people I spend a lot of time on line. And like many people while there I'm juggling several different things - my work as part of the team; keeping up with friends and business contacts through social media; and learning. Over the last year I've discovered what a great source of learning the on line world can be. You can get information for free, for a small fee or for more hard earned cash than I'm willing to spend! I've taken a couple of courses through Write Story Books For Children. I've 'attended' an online conference in Social Media. And I've used and abused quite a few freebie samplers from entrepreneurs and life coaches. I've learned a lot from all these sources. One thing that has stood out for me, especially from the life coach folks, is the need to be able to define my writer Why? Why do I write? Why is my writing different from that of others? And so I've been asking myself Why? I'm assuming for most authors writing is birthed from an irrepressible passion. So yes, I'll begin my definition of why I write with 'passion', and from that my desire is to capture Stories from the Everyday. My stories are not big stories, perhaps not even rapid page turning stories. But they are the stories from the everyday things that matter to people, stories that everyone can relate to, hopefully expanded with some humour and exaggeration. Probably the biggest compliment I could receive for my writing is for someone to say: 'that's what I do'; 'that's what I think'; 'that character is so like my next door neighbour/friend/mother'; etc. As I was following through on this train of thought, I noticed this review for my novel 'What If?' on Amazon: "This is a really rather lovely novel. It is unusual to find an author who can so easily bring out and relate to the day-to-day minutiae of being a teenager but this author has really captured what matters to us." (excerpt from Carla's 5 star review) And so I'm encouraged and inspired to continue to write fiction that provides Realistic Escapism - Stories from the Everyday.

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