Raincoats & Sunglasses

In Glasgow’s autumnal sunshine Raincoats & Sunglasses are everywhere…

Kirsty wraps herself in her Raincoat & Sunglasses, blending in to the crowd. As yet another failed relationship crashes down around her, she wonders if true love does exist. But just when it all seems hopeless a new work project and a new hairdresser have her dreaming about love again.

Jennifer throws on her Raincoat & Sunglasses as she races to the school gates. But as her youngest daughter starts school her world suddenly seems empty. Where has her purpose gone? More to the point, where is her joy? As she picks up her paintbrush, she glimpses the possibility of a new career path.  Will a new purpose restore her joy?

Paul can’t understand women’s fascination with bland Raincoats & Sunglasses. He also can’t understand why he’s feeling so unsettled. Desperate to regain peace, he questions whether being a senior stylist at a prestigious salon is enough. But Paul has to deal with more than just questions about his career when a tall, beautiful woman walks into the salon in her Raincoat & Sunglasses.

Join Kirsty, Jennifer and Paul as their lives intertwine around faith and Raincoats & Sunglasses.

Amazon Reviews:

5 stars

Brilliant contemporary lives brought to life by Caroline!

Lovely reading, I read half of the book in one evening! Caroline touches different aspects of life around the aim of getting the best of what it has to offer - family, friends, love and relationships. It also touches our day to day insecurities. I can find different aspects and stages of my life in the book. Can't wait to see how the characters interact and where the story goes.

5 stars

A lovely read

Finding your way in the world, friends, faith, relationships and purpose are all themes unpacked in this book. One of the characters definitely reminded me of my younger self and I found myself wishing I'd read a book like this at the time to help me figure myself out! I skipped through this book eager to know how things worked out in each element of the story. A lovely read.


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