What If?


"What If...?" Just two little words, but two little words that can change the world!


The Scientist asks "What If?" and a new medicine is discovered.

The Inventor asks "What If?" and a new product is presented to the world.

The Politician asks "What If?" and a country's government is improved.

But what happens when the teenager asks "What If?"


Rachel Anderson is a typical 14 year old trying to work her way through high school. But then she's asked some “What If?” questions and life begins to change. What possibilities could open up if she auditioned for the school play? How would life be different if Jesus was one of her school friends? As Rachel faces these new challenges friendships change in unexpected ways.

What If? Reviews:

I have read a fair number of "young adult" Christian fiction and this is one of the best. It has credible characters, good plotting, relevant Christian insights. Often the "Christian" content can be very worthy but can impede the movement of the story feeling "bolted on". Not so here. The main character is a Christian but doesn't find it easy and doesn't have all of the answers. As I said "credible" characters.

Ian McGregor

Scottish Fellowship of Christian Writers


Rachel is a character who I found easy to relate to and understand. She is not a generic teen fiction heroine either. Unlike most of the main girls in recent YA book, she is not ridiculously brave, nor totally quiet and shy. She is not a two dimensional character, but neither is she impossibly deep as some heroines are. She has some friends, but isn’t the most popular kid in school. I think most girls my age will be able to relate to her, and like her. It is easy to believe that Rachel lives in your town, or goes to your school. The author has really nailed exactly what it means to be a teenage girl.

Zoe Mitchell

from Bookaholic Blogspot


Rachel's Summer Adventure

Find out what happened when What If?'s Rachel went on holiday to Canada with her family.

Click the pdf link to download this free short story.


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